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Web site development is where we started. It is our strongest skill set and the purpose of our existence. As the Internet matured so did we to the point now that all of our new designs are "Mobile First, not just "Mobile Friendly." We start our design process on a mobile display; your content, images, videos, products and even advertisements are easy to access, easy to find and easy to understand. We design for larger displays once the mobile platforms are set so our designs are not just responsive. They are designed for a mobile user.

We understand that you don't want an obsolete website design before it is even on the Internet and neither do we! A number of articles from respected sources such as Search Engine Watch (July 2014) and Smart Insights (January 2014), have circled early 2014 as the point when mobile devices overtook PCs and Laptops as the leader and preferred choice for Internet users.

We have website templates available and most all previous designs can be tweaked to fit your needs but our priority is to create your vision so most of our designs are fully customized solutions to help your brand succeed using schemes such as eye-catching designs and always with up-to-date technology. All of our website packages are value priced with the hope you will enjoy the price as much as the design!

Whether your website will use e-commerce functionality, dazzling animation, high-volume information management, or interesting content, our team of designers and web marketing specialists will handle your project from start to finish.

Design Process

We start with the layout and architecture of the website with your thoughts and desires. Then we start collecting the needed artifacts such as pictures and icons. We also check to be sure your hosting and domain name needs are taken care of.

We move on to some samples to eventually, again with your involvement, get to the working mobile design. You are the authority on what will go into the site, whether it is products or information, so your feedback and content is important at this stage. At every milestone of the project from this point on we test every page for cross-platform functionality and performance degradation. Anything that isn't right gets fixed on the spot.

The next phase is to design for the larger displays. All of the content modules from the mobile design are laid out in a clean and orderly presentation. Some changes are often made to take advantage of the added space and then the entire site is put together and published on your web server as you are then, open for business!

If your project includes e-Commerce functionality, as part of your package, our Search Engine Optimization skills get to work to ensure your web site is easily listed in the three top Search Engines.

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If you have a website or landing page in mind, please have a look at our portfolio and send us your request. We are confident that together, we will create your product beyond what you hoped it could be.

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