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Value Pricing for your Budget

Value pricing is offered for most packages of web based projects. We offer these to provide you with best value options and to showcase the type of products we can offer. Many web site projects we take on however, are unique and so, don't always fit into a box. If you don't see a plan that fits your needs, please contact us to discuss your web ideas and to get a free quote! Our representatives are here and ready to help you.

  • Up To 5 Pages
  • Contact Us Form/Page
  • Responsive Design
  • 30 Day Warranty/Maintenance
  • From $499
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Small Business
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Contact Us Form/Page
  • Responsive Design
  • 30 Day Warranty/Maintenance
  • From $849
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Landing Page
  • Product Focus Segments
  • Pics/Videos/Links
  • Responsive Design
  • 30 Day Warranty/Maintenance
  • From $279
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  • Pages as Needed
  • Server-Side Database/Scripts
  • Responsive Design
  • 60 Day Warranty/Maintenance
  • Free Quote
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* Websites created using the WordPress CMS infrastructure require a design template. These templates often come with a license fee. This fee is the responsibility of the new website owner and is part of the BV Web Designs ownership transfer of all files and creativity upon full payment of services. Ask for specific details.

** Qualified web site Mobile Friendly Responsive Upgrades are billed at just 50% of a new design of comparable size and functionality. Qualification terms are: no new content, graphics, videos, or functionality and an infrastructure originally created with working containers. Table designed infrastructures do not scale for smart phone and tablet displays to be fully responsive. Unfortunately, websites originally created with this type of infrastructure require a complete redesign to become Mobile Friendly and so are not eligible for this upgrade pricing discount.

*** Online forms are configured to send an email with the captured data to your choice of destinations. Up to 1 form is included in the Landing Page, up to 2 forms are included in the Small Business package and below, up to 3 forms are included in the Medium Business package and up to 4 forms are included in all other packages. See the Ala Cart Menu for additional forms. Database input forms are not included in any listed package.

When the package pricing listed here doesn't quite match up to your needs, we offer General Services pricing. You are free to use this menu exclusively or as an add-on to a package above to complete your project. For example, your planned project may need 6 pages. Our very popular 5 page "Standard" looks good but is one page short. You simply buy the "Standard" package and the "One HTML Page" item from the Ala Cart menu, and you have your package! You can always contact us to ask about our pricing or anything else that is on your mind. We are always available!

Once your website is built and published on the Internet, your web presence and search engine positioning becomes the number one factor to not only sustain your current levels of success but to push through the Internet barriers and achieve higher levels of success.

There are two components to the long term health and growth of this approach. One is a regular maintenance program which is further discussed below.

The number one process a website owner can engage in to increase and sustain search engine visibility is Search Engine Optimization. It starts with an SEO audit to ensure your site is receiving the full benefit of your link building strategy or helps you to create one by identifying areas of need. It also helps identify any potential issues your site may have with its functionality or other On-Page Optimization factors. An SEO audit with BV Web Designs also includes Keyword research and validation. SEO Setup Fees are waved for websites we created within the past 90 days.

Specifically we take a hard look at:

  • Site Architecture
  • Technical & Code Issues
  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • Content Quality/Refresh Rate
  • Internal Link Strategy
  • External Link Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Current PageRank
  • Current Analytics
  • Blog Optimization


☨ Social Optimization tasking assumes your company already has a social account and business page. Contact us to discuss setup and creation fees if these business accounts/pages need to be created.