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Landing Page for Advertising

The Landing Page

For Internet Marketing a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement banner or link. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy related to that advertisement. Some informational content, possibly a short video or discount offer on your product, a call-to-action and links to your home and social pages. Everything related to that initial advertisement focused on the one page making the landing page more appealing to target audiences.

Chula Vista Landing Page

BV Web Designs advertising campaigns recommend using Landing Pages as both a sales platform and as an intermediary between the link advertisement and your company website and social pages. They provide a means to focus the viewer on the product they are interested in, greatly increasing your ability to convert the sale. The page can also be configured to capture click-through and conversion rate data to help determine the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Sending the viewer to your home page too soon can be a distraction as they are expecting to follow up on a specific topic or product and the home page will offer a number of options, too many really at that moment. The visitor may actually be distracted by all the additional options and simply move on to a different website. The tracking metric data would be lost as well.

Landing Pages

What is Included

BV Web Designs Landing Page

There are specific elements of a good Landing Page that should be included for an effective campaign. Each page should provide a clear message about the product or company starting with a distinctive headline and include bulleted facts or snippets of supporting information. This is a first-impression opportunity from a visitor with a short attention span (estimated at 3 seconds before they decide to stay or leave) so establishing trust is also a major factor. Testimonials or a trust certification symbol are excellent for this. Whether it is a form to fill out or a purchase opportunity, a call-to-action is also required. This should be placed on the page above the fold. Some limited navigation is also an effective tool here but keep it limited. A full menu display from your home page is an easy escape — don't do it! Using one link to your home page, one to each social page and perhaps a link to a list of popular stores where the product can be purchased are all excellent ideas. The rest of the page should be high quality graphics, a video or white space. Each of these will put the visitor at ease, build an immediate sense of trust, educate the visitor on the product or item that drew them to the landing page and ultimately end by converting the sale.