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Website Updates

Aside from stale material and content, technology changes over time. If your website isn't "Mobile Friendly" when are you going to take care of that? Websites must continually evolve to meet the increasing demands of their audience, as well as reflect the updates in standards, and new browser versions. Based on a Google report, more than half of the people on the Internet are using a mobile device. Don't get left behind on this one.

The success of your website is also dependent on people continually being able to find it with a search engine. It may not be an issue today but you need to be aware that these services are constantly changing the way they rank and display sites. Even now, some search engines will not index your site unless your pages contain appropriate meta tags, well-structured content or error-free HTML code. We expect this trend to continue.

Website Updates

As time goes by, you may see the usefulness of adding a search tool, automated forms, a mailing list database or other interactive functions as an aid to your business. You may come up with more features to add which do nothing more than help provide some benefit to your visitors, which is a sure-fire way to build a rapport with future clients and customers.

It may not be time for a new design but an update! Keep the infrastructure and the format. Change the layout, some fonts and colors. Add some functionality that wasn't there before and all the while, keep your budget under control! Contact BV Web Designs and lets talk about it. It is probably a lot more affordable than you think.

Need Some Repairs?

All the testing that your new website went through during development sometimes can't stress the infrastructure as well as going live. In periods of high traffic with various displays, operating systems and browser versions all tasking your site at the same time, sometimes functionality or your back-end servers will begin to degrade. This is also a time when other issues may come up like broken links.

BV Web Designs offers a number of services but our specialty is code! We really do live and breath the stuff! If you are having some issues or find something totally broken, give up a call. We have an experienced team and will get right on the problem. In short order you will know what is wrong and when it will be fixed. You really can rely on us to get you back up in no time!

Website Updates

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